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A previously undiscovered bacterial life form unique to the Sirius Sector, these microorganisms are remarkably efficient at metabolizing certain elements into oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide. When seeded in an immature planetary environment they can accelerate the terraforming process tenfold, or provide a rich, abundant source of food for other organisms in more mature planetary ecosystems.


NOTE: Due to the highly perishable feature of this commodity, it is best transporting it for short distances, and in large numbers. This ensures the amount of commodity that survives the trip remains high.

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JUNYO WORKERS FALL ILL: SHIKOKU -- Many of the employees working the fish farms of Junyo have been complaining of fatigue caused by an unidentified ailment. Samura doctors and scientists have been dispatched to investigate the strange illnesses that resulted in a record number of sick days in recent months. Those employees working in the Alien Organism processing decks have displayed the most serious symptoms. Officials at Samura's Shinjuku headquarters were unavailable for comment.