The Bretonia B-224-F Cavalier light fighter is currently employed by the Bretonia Police as the standard patrol craft in Bretonia Space. It is considered as a standard light fighter that can mount weapons up to class 5.


Original DescriptionEdit

Expertly fast and agile this fighter design is based on the "Bee-One", the class that cleared the Bretonian frontier and set the stage for the colonization of Sirius. Though patterned after this timeless classic, "The Cavalier" has many significant improvements and modern attributes that make it a true blue asset.


Built for speed and agility. This ship is like a Bretonian Starflier or souped up Startracker.

Power Capacity - 2100 Firepower - 3/10 Defense - 3/10 Maneuverability - 6/10-10/10 (Depending on the skill of the pilot) Turning Speed - 68.75 deg/sec-95.49 deg/sec (Depending on the skill of the pilot)



  • Gun/Turret Mounts: 4 / 0
  • Armor: 2100
  • Cargo Space: 30
  • Max Batteries/NanoBots: 15
  • Optimal Weapon Class: 3
  • Max. Weapon Class: 5
  • Additional Equipment: M, CM, CD
  • Price: 25,660 credits
  • Level Req. 6

Configuration and MountsEdit

  • 2x Class 4 Gun Mount
  • 2x Class 5 Gun Mount
  • 1x Mine Mount
  • 1x Countermeasure Mount
  • 1x Class 5 Light Fighter Shield Mount
  • Default shield: Guardian Graviton Shield (Level 3)

Places soldEdit

Comparable ShipEdit