The Bretonia B-907A "Crusader" heavy fighter is the primary fighter in service with the Bretonian Armed Forces, the military force tasked with the protection of the Bretonian space.


Original DescriptionEdit

Known as the "crown royal" of the heavy fighter class, the "Crusader" is the cornerstone of the military and civil authorities. Used largely to enforce the will of the crown, this ship is designed at its core to deliver as significant a beating as it is able to withstand. Thus, the "Crusader" is an optimal choice for its survivability and also its significant offensive capabilities.


This ship would probably be the best choice during the Bretonia phase in the single player campaign.



  • Gun/Turret Mounts: 6/0
  • Armor: 2600
  • Cargo Space: 35
  • Max Batteries/NanoBots: 20
  • Optimal Weapon Class: 3
  • Max. Weapon Class: 5
  • Additional Equipment: M, CM, CD / T
  • Price: 35,350 credits
  • Level Req. 8

Configuration and MountsEdit

  • 2x Class 4 Gun Mount
  • 4x Class 5 Gun Mount
  • 1x Mine Mount
  • 1x Countermeasure Mount
  • 1x Cruise Disruptor / Torpedo Mount
  • 1x Class 5 Heavy Fighter Shield Mount
  • Default shield: Guardian Graviton Shield (Level 3)

Places soldEdit