The M7 Class Centurion Corsair Heavy Fighter is the second fighter in the Corsair ship Series line-up. It is similar to the Stilleto, except being able to mount better weapons, and having a much better armor rating. It is overall better than the Stiletto, and can deal out a lot of damage for being only a heavy fighter.


Original DescriptionEdit

Often called the "Hand of Mephisto", the original M6 "Centurion" distinguished itself in combat repeatedly. Despite these victories, the Corsairs continued to refine its basic design until the result was the M7 class, which honorably bears the same moniker. The new "Centurion", therefore, has not been so much manufactured as bred to be a mighty ship in every way.


The Centurion is not a particularly maneuverable ship, but makes up for that by having a large armor rating, built design for speed and having the ability to mount level 9 weapons. In weapon class, max nanobots/shield batteries, and armor, the Centurion outclasses even the Bounty Hunter's AP-8050 Hammerhead.



  • Gun/Turret Mounts: 6/0
  • Armor: 9200
  • Cargo Space: 45
  • Max Batteries/NanoBots: 55
  • Optimal Weapon Class: 7
  • Max. Weapon Class: 9
  • Additional Equipment: M, CM, CD / T
  • Price: 441,550 credits
  • Level Req. 28


Places SoldEdit

Cadiz Base, Omega 5, Border Worlds