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Diamonds are the hardest natural substance known to modern science. Composed of a crystalline lattice of simple carbon formed under enormous heat and pressure, diamonds are an essential component of mining machinery, allowing saws and drills to cut through even the toughest asteroid or planetary crust. When properly cut and polished, however, the distinctive pattern of light refraction exhibited by diamonds results in the characteristic glittering, which has made them a hallmark of the rich and powerful elite.

Trade Route BasicsEdit

Diamonds are one of the most valuable commodities in the Freelancer universe, and high profit margins are available for a knowledgeable player. The cheapest source of Diamonds is either mining them in Rheinland space (the Dresden system is a good choice) or purchasing them from Rheinland bases -- Red Hessians sell them for cheap! This means that transporting diamonds from Rheinland to other House systems (especially Kusari) a highly lucrative business even to a low level pilot; however, as with all high value commodities, neutral criminal factions may very well demand your cargo, and jump you if you refuse to give it up!


  • Stick to the trade lanes and jump gates. Most criminals (including the quasi-legal ones like Farmers Alliance, Hogosha and Junkers) are willing to snag this commodity should they encounter it.
  • The best buy area is located in the criminal bases, but to get to there means that you will be messing with the Rheinland corporations, which can prove nasty when traveling through Rheinland space.
  • Sometimes around Junker bases Liberty Rogues will haul this in their Mule freighters. If you do a cargo scan and it shows up, just destroy the transport and sell the diamonds to the Junkers. This works best around Rochester Base.

Best BuyEdit

Best SellEdit

Mineable AtEdit

  • Schwefelnebel, Dresden system
  • Von Rohe Belt, Omega 11 system (wrecks too, extreme radiation danger)


BLUE DIAMONDS: RED HOT FASHION: DRESDEN -- The blue Diamonds mined at Kruger's Bautzen facility in Dresden have recently gained in popularity among the Rheinland super-rich. More top designers and jewelers are using the expensive rocks that have come to be known as Hessian Tears. Rebecca Daumann, daughter of the current CEO of the mega-corporation, is in many ways responsible for the stone's resurgence. She has been wearing them to all the largest galas and parties thrown in New Berlin, and her flawless fashion sense has captured the public's imagination.

List of PricesEdit

Price Sell Base System
$ 1,650 No Planet New Tokyo New Tokyo
$ 1,275 No Planet Leeds Leeds
$ 1,056 Yes Planet New London New London
$ 990 No Planet Manhattan New York
$ 879 Yes Planet Cambridge Cambridge
$ 836 Yes Buffalo Base New York
$ 660 No Aomori Station Honshu
$ 660 No Baltimore Shipyard New York
$ 660 No Battleship Hood Dublin
$ 660 No Battleship Missouri New York
$ 660 No Battleship Myoko Shikoku
$ 660 No Battleship Nagumo Kyushu
$ 660 No Battleship Rio Grande Colorado
$ 660 No Battleship Yukon California
$ 660 No Cali Base Tau 23
$ 660 No California Minor California
$ 660 No Canterbury Station New London
$ 660 No Falkland base Tau 37
$ 760 No Freeport 10 Tau 37
$ 660 No Freeport 9 Omicron Theta
$ 660 No Gas Miner Naha Sigma 13
$ 660 No Gas miner Ogashawa Sigma 19
$ 660 No Kyoto Base Chugoku
$ 660 No Luxury liner Hawaii Sigma 19
$ 660 No Mactan Base Magellan
$ 660 No Newark Station New York
$ 660 No Planet Honshu Honshu
$ 660 No Planet Kyushu Kyushu
$ 660 No Planet Los Angeles California
$ 660 No Planet Pittsburgh New York
$ 660 No Shinagawa Station New Tokyo
$ 660 No Shinjuku Station New Tokyo
$ 660 No Shinkaku Station Tau 29
$ 660 No Southampton Shipyard New London
$ 660 No Stokes Mining Station Leeds
$ 660 No Tsushima Depot Kyushu
$ 660 No Waterloo Station New London
$ 660 No West Point Military Academy New York
$ 660 No Willard Research Station California
$ 506 Yes Mainz Storage Facility Frankfurt
$ 440 No Bruschal Base Frankfurt
$ 440 No Planet Holstein Frankfurt
$ 396 Yes Planet New Berlin New Berlin
$ 330 Yes Bautzen Station Dresden
$ 308 Yes Freiburg Station Stuttgart
$ 285 Yes Darmstadt Depot Stuttgart
$ 285 Yes Vogtland Base Dresden
$ 219 Yes Solarius Station Omega 11
$ 198 Yes Freital Base Omega 11
$ 198 Yes Ronneburg Base Omega 5