Doctor Sinclair

Doctor Sinclair eyes the Dom'Kavash Artifact

Doctor Kendra Sinclair is a Bretonian Xeno-Archaeologist, and one of the leading experts in her field. Her colleague, Professor Roland Quintaine, went into hiding during the events following the destruction of Freeport 7. The player first encounters Sinclair on Planet Sprague in the Omega 3 system during Mission 5, where she is working with at least two Human assistants and a robot.

Sinclair is skeptical at first regarding the circumstances of Professor Quintaine's dissapearance, claiming that he's simply a recluse. However, Rheinland Valkyries appear and begin attacking Sprague, and Sinclair opts to flee with Juni and Trent. The assistants load Sinclair's artifacts into her ship, a Bretonia B-27-E Clydesdale Freighter, which barely escapes the dig site with Juni and Trent. At least one of Sinclair's assistants is caught in the explosion and presumably killed.

Doctor Sinclair was the original discoverer and owner of the Dom'Kavash Artifact. She found the item on Planet Pygar in the Omicron Theta system. She originally planned to take the artifact to Planet Cambridge, however, the artifact was stolen, likely by Syd, before she could bring it back. Sinclair later admits that she hasn't seen Professor Quintaine in years.

She's voiced by Grey DeLisle, also known as the voice of Jeanne in the Bayonetta series.

Previous Relationship With Professor Quintaine?Edit

There seem to be hints in the Mission 6 dialogue that Sinclair had an amorous relationship with Professor Quintaine at some time in the past. As there is an obvious age difference between the two, it is possible that Sinclair was once Quintaine's student. It does not appear that this relationship was "serious", as Quintaine and Sinclair have been working on separate planets for several years. However, there do still seem to be some feelings between the two, though it is usually disguised beneath a veneer of academic professionalism.