Dom'Kavash Artifact

The Dom'Kavash Artifact

The Dom'Kavash Artifact is the central item of the plot, though its existence is not revealed until Mission 4, when Syd "gives" it to Edison Trent after being shot by a rogue LSF agent. The Artifact appears to be a purple crystalline faceted egg-shaped object with a gold or bronze setting at the base of the egg. This object is the only known active Artifact left behind by the Dom'Kavash, and therefore is sought out by the powerful nebulous forces chasing Juni and Trent in the early part of the game.

functions: the artifact has show to have multiple fuctions, combined with the panels of dr sinclair and when playing phonetic pronunciation of the glyps in a certain order the artifact will interact with the panels and display a holographic map on a universal scale showing its excact location in space at all time with some modifications and combined with a nomad powercell is becomes the key to reactive the hypergate system

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