The Edge Nebula is a nebula situated on the eastern edge of the Sirius Sector. It is one of the wonders of Sirius showing spectacular Nebula formations and bright green in color, but some of the systems host other colors (Unknown 1 system).Some of it is filled with asteroids, but not all. Most of it has been unexplored, due to the dangers inside. Only a few systems have been discovered, which most house criminals and outlaws like the Corsairs and the Outcasts, but they are not the only ones who populate this region. The Order calls it home as well. However, the Nomads, an extra-terrestrial race, hold claims in it too far before humans colonized Siruis, but they are best known for hostility.

Systems influenced by this nebulaEdit

Sirius Sector

The Edge Nebula is the large Green nebula situated in the right side in the map.