Freelancer Wiki

The purpose of an wiki is to give information in an organised and accessible way. But, our wiki does not meet the important critaerias. In the following rows, I'll explain more!

Objectives of an wiki[]

Primary objectives

  • Be organised
  • Use templates
  • Use layouts
  • Have much info and many photos

Secondary objectives

  • Look nice
  • Have a very developed community

What can you do?[]

That being said, you may ask what you can do to improve the wiki. Well, there are lots of things.

  1. I finished the game.
    1. Add photos of every base, system and ship. (Do it progressively, If you plan on uploading all at once later, you'll get bored)
    2. Take in-game photos
    3. Add blog posts about your experience
  2. I am an experienced templater
    1. Do:
      1. Template:Commodity
      2. Template:Ship
      3. Template:Weapon
      4. Template:Faction
    2. Propose improvements on the existing ones
  3. I know lots of freelancer fans
    1. Get more people involved

Everyone that makes outstanding efforts will receive medals and even mod/admin status!