guns are in Freelancer one of the Weapons that can be loaded onto one's Ship. They are also the main weapons that the player will be using, since they do not require any ammunition to be used, unlike missile launchers for example, that require Missiles.

Types of Freelancer Guns[edit | edit source]

Freelancer Guns come in nine different types: Tachyon, Particle, Laser, Neutron, Pulse, Plasma, Photon, Prototype (a.k.a. CODENAME) and Nomad. Most types have strengths and weakness versus the three types of shields. Prototype and Nomad guns only fit class 10 mounts and affect the different types of shields equally. Prototype weapons are only available by shooting wrecks, usually in very dangerous areas. Nomad weapons are only available by killing Nomads, and then only if the player is at least rank 32 in single player or 34 in multi-player mode. Nomad guns drain no energy. Pulse weapons do a minimum amount of hull damage but an enormous amount of shield damage. Pulse weapons should be used in combination with one or more other weapon types for the greatest advantage.

Relative Effects of Freelancer Gun Types Versus Shield Types
Gun Type Strength (+20%) Weakness (-20%) Normal
Particle Graviton Molecular Positron
Plasma Graviton Molecular Positron
Neutron Molecular Positron Graviton
Tachyon Molecular Positron Graviton
Laser Positron Graviton Molecular
Photon Positron Graviton Molecular
Pulse Positron Graviton Molecular
Nomad None None All
Prototype None None


Gun list[edit | edit source]

This list only applies to the fully patched Freelancer, version 1.4. Some mods, such as Discovery, have a vastly longer list of weapons.

Classic Liberty warship turret

Key to symbols: EE - Energy Efficient (total_damage/energy >= 7.00), TD - Top Damage for this class, SK - Shield Killer

Class 1[edit | edit source]

Class 2[edit | edit source]

Class 3[edit | edit source]

Class 4[edit | edit source]

Class 5[edit | edit source]

Class 6[edit | edit source]

Class 7[edit | edit source]

Class 8[edit | edit source]

Class 9[edit | edit source]

Class 10[edit | edit source]

The only way to get a nomad cannon (without a mod) is to tractor it from a destroyed nomad ship. There are not all of the game's weapon system listed. Several fighter/freighter weapons and all capital ship weapons, as well as train turrets, transport turrets and station turrets are not available to the player without modifications to the game or without hacking the saving.

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