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Capital System New York system
Capital Planet Planet Manhattan
Controlled Systems
Founded 1 A.S.

Liberty is one of the four Houses of the Sirius Sector, alongside Bretonia, Kusari, and Rheinland.

The capital of Liberty space is the New York system, and the government is led by President Jacobi.


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When the American sleeper ship Liberty first arrived in the Sirius Sector they found an area rich in resources but lacking in habitable planets. With a hundred systems at their fingertips, they settled on those near the center of Sirius where the highest number of main sequence stars and Earth-like planets existed and a fair number of resources could be easily obtained. Eventually they made planetfall on Manhattan, in the system they christened New York. They began the difficult task of rebuilding civilization two full years before any other sleeper ship arrived.

However, certain rumors continue to persist as to the Liberty's arrival in the Sirius Sector. In the tumult of the Exodus, The Liberty launched before the other great sleeper ships. Colonists whisper, even today, that the launch date may have been intentionally moved forward against the explicit wishes of the Great Planners. Early launch would have guaranteed the Liberty free access to the worlds of the Sirius Sector before the other sleeper ships arrived, but all proof of such a betrayal of trust was lost along with Earth. Even if the Liberty did launch early, there is little that can be done about it now, but there remains a lingering feeling of resentment among the other houses: a vague feeling that, somehow, Liberty does not entirely deserve the position of superiority it enjoys eight centuries later.

Nevertheless, Liberty's democratic, highly capitalistic culture and dedication to free enterprise have allowed them to achieve great success in many fields. From breakthroughs in technology, such as the invention of Jump Gates and Trade Lanes that form the foundation of the modern economy, to the liberal economic prosperity that attracts many, like the financially downtrodden of Rheinland or the rebellious youth of Kusari, Liberty ensures that all who are willing to work hard can build their fortunes from almost nothing, no matter where they came from. Complementing these national traits are a powerful navy and relatively safe borders to help Liberty maintain its status as one of the most powerful Great Houses, both economically and militarily.


President Jacobi


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