Battleship Missouri

Battleship Missouri

The Liberty Dreadnought is a type of capital ship in use by the Liberty Navy. The Dreadnought lacks the large anti-capital-ship cannon of the Liberty Cruiser, but makes up for this by having powerful armor and numerous anti-fighter weapons. Dreadnoughts also have an axe-shaped prow which appears to be designed to allow the ship to ram and possibly split enemy capital ships and space stations.

Dreadnoughts Assigned to SystemsEdit

Liberty has four standing battleships, the Missouri, the Yukon, the Mississippi and the Rio Grande. An unknown battleship is currently being built, repaired or refitted at Norfolk Shipyard in the New York system.

Other Liberty DreadnoughtsEdit

Other battleships of the Dreadnought type exist, presumably built during the military build-up around the Nomad incidents. The Unity was stationed at the New York Jump Gate to Colorado in Mission 2, and was later destroyed by Captain Marcus Walker during Jun'ko Zane and Edison Trent's escape from Liberty (Mission 4). The battleship LNS Harmony was dispatched to assist Willard Research Station during a raid by Rheinland fighter craft, and was seriously damaged in the battle (Mission 3). The battleships Texas and Arizona were both stationed to guard the Jump Gate from the Alaska system to New York, but two were destroyed by Captain Walker in a suicidal collision run. At the same time the Battleship Omaha guarded the access path into Zone 21 in the New York system. Her fate is up to the player during the mission. If she is not destroyed, her future is unknown after the mission just as was the future of the LNS Harmony.

Listing of All Known Liberty DreadnoughtsEdit

The OsirisEdit

Liberty also developed the Osiris, a prototype battleship that apparently failed to meet expectations. The Osiris was scheduled for a premature decommissioning when it was stolen from Zone-21 by Order leader Kasper Orillion.


  • 5x Defense Turret
  • 2x Primary Turret
  • 1x Tertiary Turret
  • 2x Flak Turret