A basic Nomad Fighter. Note the organic texture.

Nomad Fighters are the main fighters used by the Nomads, and have a chance to drop Nomad weaponry if you meet a certain level requirement (Level 34 in the unmodified game). The Nomad weaponry is slow firing, but powerful and uses no energy. Nomad Fighters, like most Nomad ships, are pastel blue and vaguely organic-looking. They lack shields and have little armor, but they make up for it with high maneuverability, devastating firepower and exceptional shooting accuracy. There is much debate over whether Nomad Fighters themselves are a subspecies of Nomad, rather than a piloted ship. It has also been noted by in-game scans that Nomad ships are possibly grown rather than constructed. Nomad fighters can be found near the jumphole to Unknown 1, the jumphole to Unknown 2, and in those two systems.