Omicron Beta

Omicron Beta system is connected to Omicron Alpha system, and serves as an intermediate base to the

Outcasts. The system is abundant of Alien Organisms. Due to the high amount of background radiation in the area, ships tend not to stay around for too long. Sometimes the Gas Miners Guild appear around the area, but usually are beaten back by the Outcasts.

There has been a GMG expedition team that head into this system, but soon lost contact with the base. It is believed that the wrecks are still within the system.


Jump HolesEdit

  • Omicron Alpha Jump Hole (3D/E)
  • Sigma 19 system Jump Hole (E6)
  • It is a common misconception that jumpholes or jumpgates to the mysterious systems of Omicron Major and Omicron Minor are to be found in Sector D4 of Omicron Beta. However, galactic surveying has revealed no such connection either in Omicron Beta or an identically named system housing a Nomad hive at any coordinates.


  • Elysium - An incredibly dense planet that may have once been the core of a larger gas giant before it suffered some unknown cataclysm. While initial surveys located deposits of useful resources, the lack of any atmosphere and the expense of climbing out of the planetary gravity well made further development seem untenable.
    • DIAMETER: 21,302 km
    • MASS: 9.25 x 10e24 kg
    • TERRAIN: Barren
    • TEMPERATURE: -100 C to -6 C
    • ESCAPE VELOCITY: 21.24 km/sec


Name Location Weapons Commodities Hazards
Pathfinder 5E (LR) WILDFIRE (2)
Gunslinger Mk.1 Turret
Paralyzer Missile (10)
Hosho Maru 4E (CR) Adv. Starbeam Turret (4)
Advanced starbeam (2)
Alien Organisms (20) Radiation
Escort of the Hosho Maru 4E Skyblast B (2) Radiation



Trade Routes Edit

Known only to a few Freelancers, a lucrative trade route exists that has the potential to fund several medium businesses. Freelancers who are prepared to take the risk should buy Optronics at Planet Honshu in the Honshu system ($140 each) and sell them at Ruiz Base in Omicron Beta for $1,050 each (a profit of $910 per unit for only two jumps). The shortest path leads from Planet Honshu through either the jump gate or hole to Sigma 19, then through the Jump Hole from Sigma 19 to Omicron Beta.