Omicron Theta

Omicron Theta System Including Wrecks

The Omicron Theta system is perhaps the most remote settlement existing in the colonies. The system is surrounded by mysterious rocks containing Alien Organisms that have helped to terraform many of the planets in the Sirius system. Freeport 9, the sole base located in this system, is run by Zoners. A small brown planet can also be seen, and is called "Zoner's Planet" when clicked on, but is really named Pygar.

The system orbits a single yellow dwarf star.


Planet PygarEdit

A desert world scoured clean by ceaseless sandstorms that wash across its surface. During initial surveys, individual sandstorms that lasted for several years and reached top speeds of 805 km/h were observed. Most surface probes were destroyed in a matter of hours and no further surveys have been attempted.

Planet VespusEdit

A planet largely covered in water. Unfortunately, an atmosphere composed of mostly non-reactive noble gases apparently inhibited any organic evolution, rendering its oceans for all intents and purposes -- dead. The location of the planet has made any future prospect of terraforming unlikely at best.


Freeport 9Edit

Freeport 9 is very nearly the only human population for hundreds of light years in every direction -- which is exactly the way the Zoners like it. Despite its location in a system filled with strange nebula and forbidding black crystals, however, Freeport 9 is a frequent stop for criminal organizations looking to buy Food from the Freeport's biodome, while Cryer Pharmaceuticals has shown an instense interest in Alien Organisms that colonize many of the asteroids in the system.

Jump Gates/HolesEdit

Wrecks Edit

Fearless (4G)Edit

The wreck of the Fearless, a Bretonian research vessel lost in 550. It may contain Artifacts.

  • Contains:
    • 2x Flashpoint Turret
    • 2x Heavy Starbeam
    • 20x Artifacts

Rebel (6E)Edit

The remains of the Rebel. This ship was flown by a Corsair turncoat named Jesse Casas, who joined the Bounty Hunters.

  • Contains:
    • 1x Gunslinger Turret Mk 1
    • 2x THOR'S HAMMER
    • 10x Paralyzer Missle (Ammo)