The Pirate Z-2010 Bloodhound fighter is currently used by two factions: The Liberty Rogues and The Mollys. In the category of the light fighters, it is considered large.


Original DescriptionEdit

With its increased power capacity, "The Bloodhound" represents a significant threat to police forces and shipping targets in Sirius. Heavily modified from its original chassis design, this fighter is fast and can deliver a lethal payload and array of offensive weaponry. These factors make this ship of great value to alternative fighting forces everywhere.


Being almost as expensive as the Defender, and supplying only 3/4 as much as firepower, this ship does not gain much fame from players. Additionally, the ship is as large a target as a Rhino, making it a poor choice for dogfights against multiple enemy ships. On the other hand, it has some serious armor for a Liberty light fighter.



  • Gun/Turret Mounts: 3/1
  • Armor: 1900
  • Cargo Space: 35
  • Max Batteries/NanoBots: 14
  • Optimal Weapon Class: 2
  • Max. Weapon Class: 4
  • Additional Equipment: M, CM, CD
  • Price: 12,120 credits
  • Level Req. 4


  • 2x Class 3 Gun Mount
  • 1x Class 4 Gun Mount
  • 1x Class 4 turret Mount
  • 1x Mine Mount
  • 1x Countermeasure Mount
  • 1x Cruise Disruptor
  • 1x Class 4 Shield Mount
  • Default Shield: Advanced Sentry Graviton Shield (Class 2)

Places soldEdit