Edison Trent, like most males, has a taste for hooch, especially a specialty drink known as a Sidewinder Fang. Unfortunately for him, Liberty does not carry the drink, so he settles for a glass of Liberty Ale upon his arrival in single player on Manhattan. Liberty Ale, made from recycled byproducts of burnt h-fuel, is as inexpensive as it is disgusting. Towards the end of the game, when Juni says that Manhatten should become Trent's new home, his major concern is that he can never get used to the vile Liberty Ale. Trent's last words in Space are "Now, if only I could get a good Sidewinder Fang."

In the story mission, "Find Dr. Sinclair," Juni explains the situation to him. When Trent asks if there's anything else he should know, Juni replies, "Yeah, bring the bottle."

Getting PaidEdit

Edison Trent was on Freeport 7 to close a deal with a man named Lonnigan, exchanging a ton of quasi-legal boron for a cool million credits. The attack wiped out the deal and Trent's savings, leaving him a yearning to be paid the money he feels is still due to him. Several times throughout the storyline, the promise of somehow securing at least part of that paycheck again is the only thing left driving him forward.

Tobias' Way With WomenEdit

It is revealed that Tobias is a notorious womaniser who tries (unsucessfully) to put his moves on Juni. He also exclaims "What's this? Another girl? Tell me boy, what have you been doing?" to Trent with the introduction of Dr. Sinclair. Later in the storyline, Trent predicts that if Tobias joins up with the Bretonian Armed Forces, he would probably get thrown out for hitting on a female officer. Trent's last log entry reveals that something of the sort must have occurred, but that Tobias, "Got a girlfriend or something like that out of it."