The Rheinland Battleship is the mainline Rheinland Capital ship, built in large numbers towards the end of the Nomad conflict. Among them was the battleship Wotan, which was torpedoed and destroyed by two Rheinland defectors. All Rheinland battleships except the Westfalen were destroyed during the Nomad war.

When you fight these during the Single Player Plot, head for the bow. There's a deep slot there, big enough for your ship to fit into. This shelters you from almost all enemy fire, and effectively allows you to destroy the battleship from within. A similar vulnerable spot exists on Kusari battleships (of which you fight one, the Musashi) in between the lower aft fins.


  • 4 x Primary Turret
  • 4 x Secondary Turret
  • 6 x Tertiary Gun
  • 5 x Defense Turret
  • 2 x Flak Turret