The Starblazer, last in the infamous 'Star' series of ships, seems to have been the cruel victim of Digital Anvil's assimilation into Microsoft Game Studios. One would only assume that the most powerful ship in a player-flyable series to be player-flyable, however this is not the case. Upon further inspection of the programming of the ship, this seems to be a logical answer. Parts of the programming for the ship, while easily made, are missing from the game. In any case, a quick modification to the necessary files, and you have yourself a fun ship to fly.

Starblazer 1

Lets go buy it.

Like most other ships in the game, it is an expansion on its lesser brothers. The Starblazer is programmed with one more hard point, and a pair of whiskers under the nose. Only the original programmers would know for sure, but to put a balanced ship into the game, and going by the civilian series of ships (Starflier-Eagle) it would cost around 30000 credits, have around 2500 armor, class three optimal/class five max. hard points, and a class five shield mount.

Starblazer 3

Check out the stats.

There are several mods out there to add the Starblazer to the game, and adding it yourself is a great way to get into modding since you don't have to worry about the 3D model or the ship icon.

Here is a link to a Starblazer mod on Lancers Reactor.