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Map of the Freelancer Universe

There are 49 known Star systems inside the Sirius Sector and 53 total systems. To six of the systems there is no connection except beam commands inside the storyline mission scripts. It is worth noting that there are several systems only accessible in the Single Player Plot that share the same name. As these "story mode" systems are not shown on any in-game map; the map shown to the right is not 100% accurate, and instead provides an approximation of what is experienced during the game. This map is the most accurate available representation of the Sirius Sector as experienced in the unmodified version of Freelancer.

The Sirius Sector is divided into several regions, each one subdivided into several star systems. The regions of space are:

The following is a list of the systems found in each region of space. Please note that on in-game experience, which is more relevant to the player and does not contain all of the spaces properly which results in incorrect attachement of some Edge Worlds' Systems.





Independent Worlds[]

These systems lie between Liberty and the other major Houses. All have trade lanes and jump gates to connect the Houses, and some have bases and way stations, but the level of development is almost universally less than in the House systems, and the level of criminal activity almost universally higher. Notably, the Cortez and Magellan systems, dividing Liberty and Bretonia space, are less difficult. The Bering and Hudson systems, separating Liberty and Rheinland, have higher-level encounters.

Border Worlds[]

These worlds ring the major House territories, providing needed materials for the Houses as well as transit between the outer Houses and to the Edge Worlds. The Sigma systems connect Kusari to Rheinland, the Omega systems lie between Rheinland and Bretonia, and the Tau systems occupy the space between Bretonia and Kusari. Notably, Liberty does not have direct access to the Border Worlds, being buffered by the other major Houses and the Independent Worlds.

Edge Worlds[]

The Edge Worlds lie at the very outer reaches of the Sirius Sector, and only the most well-equipped pilots should seek to enter them. The Outcasts and Corsairs homeworlds are in the Omicron Alpha and Gamma, respectively, and beyond them lie the Unknown systems, home to the Nomads. The Omicron Minor and Omicron Major systems are only encountered during the Single Player Plot.

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