Tau 37 is a strange place. It rests at the northern tip of the Barrier Nebula, a pillar of ice and dust that defines western Edge Worlds of Sirius. The system's main features are the two ice fields at its northern & southern quadrants, and its unique solar arrangement. When out in the open, the scenery resembles a strange blue sky and "below" you is all white. The system's "primary" sun (that occupies its center), is a blue dwarf star with rings.  Its sister star, a Medium Yellow, lies far above the solar plane yet is almost directly above the Dwarf. The Medium Yellow looks like a sun in a blue sky. The way this odd couple is portrayed on the star chart, and the Dwarf's unusual brightness, give the impression that the two stars are very close together, however they are not. Unusual, though is the presence of an "Object Unknown", apparently at the center of the dwarf star, the nature and effect of this object is, as one may expect, unknown as it is impossible to observe due to its proximity to the Star. The Medium Yellow is also one of two stars in the Sirius Sector that the player can fly into without being destroyed.

There are only two human settlements in the system, the Zoner base Freeport 10 (the last Freeport to be constructed, after Freeport 9 in the equally remote Omicron Theta system), and Falkland Base, owned and operated by the IMG, that mines the vast deposits of niobium in the system. You can do this yourself. The best route is from here through Liberty to Leipzig Station, Dresden. Be friendly with Daumann. With a cargo hold of 70 you can make over 110000 Cr.

The system also holds a jump hole that leads directly to the Outcasts homeworld of Malta in the Omicron Alpha system.  For this reason there are many Outcast ships in the system as they patrol their borders & transport their shipments of Cardamine from Malta to the rest of Sirius.


Connecting Jump HolesEdit


  • None


Name Location Weapons Commodities Hazards
Barossa 7E (UL) Heavy Starbeam (2)
Flashpoint Turret (2)
Griffin 2E (UL) DARK BLOSSOM (2)
Gunslinger Turret
Paralyzer Missile (10)

House Forces / CorporationsEdit