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An 'Easter Egg' system accessed via Omicron Alpha, this system contains Nomads in large numbers though there is no proof about where they launch from and how they might do get to the player neither launching in same system nor jumping in from anywhere around. There are no notable features within this System other than the unusual, pinkish background slightly resembling a floor and ceiling and a bright, double-ringed Sun. Radiation levels are high and it is not advised that pilots linger in the system. It appears that the radiation zone is nonexistent in the far corners of this system, but it is not advisable to attempt to reach this area, as the only exit is the one Jump Hole in the center of the radiation field.

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It is also believed that this system is far removed from the flat 'Universe Plane'. In several systems, a pink nebula can be seen above the Edge Nebula; roughly where the system is Located on the map.

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The Nomad Sun, Emmiting High Radiation levels.


The Pink Nebula. As Viewed from Tau 29

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