Unknown 2
is the second "Easter Egg" within Freelancer. It is accessible through a Jump Hole in the Omicron Gamma system.

The most notable features of this system are the planets Gammu (F6) and Primus (C5), which are inhabited by Robots and Monkeys respectively. No equipment, commodities or ships are sold at either planet, and missions cannot be taken from the bars. This system is also filled with Nomads, as well as spiky rock formations identical to those in the Alaska system. The starscape is also notable, resembling an infinitely long tunnel. The two planets also have the infocards for Junyo.

The green star at the far northeast end of the system (far beyond the area shown on the map, but appearing in the far corner of it) casts a greenish light on the tunnel, but if one flies beyond it the tunnel is actually a multitude of hues. This sun is also the only known star aside from Medium Yellow in Tau 37 that the player can fly into without being destroyed. However, the Yellow Dwarf in middle of the system will destroy you.

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Plannet Gammu, Unknown 2



The Bar on Primus


Unknown 2